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Women are constantly bombarded with tips on how to look half their age, but what if you just want to look amazing for your age (thank you very much)? One of the simplest ways to do that is to pay more attention to your hair. Think of your haircut, hair colour and hairstyle a bit like you would makeup or that seriously sexy blouse that always makes you feel like a million bucks – only in the case of hair, it’s game-on every single day. The right hair for your face and lifestyle can make sure you look like your absolute best, most refreshed, and ready-to-take-on-the-universe version of yourself. And then there are these common hairstyle mistakes that will age your face. WAHL CLIPPERS…..

1.infrequent hair trims

2. Not framing your face  3. Getting the wrong fringe

4.Going too dark

5.Cutting Layers that are too short

6. Overdoing it with conditioners

7.Asking for Ashy tones .

check out these curls.

8. Neglecting your scalp.

9. Falling for flat hair.

Another ageing mistake that goes hand in hand with flat hair is keeping your hair way too long for your face shape and never trimming it. The fact that we associate longer hair with youth has a lot to do with the images we constantly see in films and on television (from Disney princesses to soap-opera actresses to major celebs). But experts say the opposite effect takes hold as we age: Longer hair looks thinner, and thinner hair is ageing. His preferred look? “The Lob. Collarbone-length hair or a bob looks chic,” he says. “If you have a long face, a bob can shorten it, and if you can have a round face, it can lengthen it. As you get older, it works on everyone.”





Brush 100 times a day for healthier hair. Myth.
This is now known to risk damaging your mane. Brushing pulls out hair that isn’t ready to fall out, often breaks healthy hairs, and scratches the scalp. Brush gently for styling only, not to stimulate the scalp.

2. Does being stressed make your hair fall out ?

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Severe stress can take a toll on your hair. All hair follicles normally undergo periodic “rest” periods; sudden stress can cause them to enter this resting phase prematurely, making the hair fall out in the three months following the stressful event. Normally hair growth restores naturally, but it’s important to deal with stress and seek medical advice to rule out underlying illness, hormonal imbalance, or medication side effects

.3. Worry brings grey hair. Fact.
The stress hormone adrenaline may damage DNA in the genes responsible for the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its colour. 4. Hair can turn white with fright. Myth. You can’t lose pigment in your hair because hair is dead when it leaves the scalp. But a severe shock could trigger alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes hair to drop out. In rare cases this can attack only pigmented hairs, leaving gray and white hair behind.. Hair grows faster in the summer. Fact.

Intricate/sophisticated hairstyles. Great for that special occasion..

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Best Hairstyle- Up dos for Medium Length Hair

  • 1: Chunky Braid Up do. Up dos can also be casual. Take this french braid for instance. The exaggerated weaving is totally…
  • 2: Blonde Bouffant Up Do. Fine hair can look incredibly flat in updo hairstyles because the strands have less width…
  • 3: Fancy Roll for Medium Hair. If you opt for a simple look like this messy looped style, it would help to have some…
  • 4: Cute Loopy

Best Up-do’s for Medium Length Hair

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versatile hairup styles
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  1. Buns. A bun is probably the easiest updo you can do yourself. With medium length hair that is not thick enough, you may lack body which eventually tells on the bun’s size. Backcombing helps to add body and visually enlarge the bun’s size.
  2. Knots. Modern knots are rather loose and messy. Tease your hair at the roots to provide some lift around your face and make a low or high “imperfect” knot. Once it’s ready and fixed, you may pull at occasional strands to make loops. Don’t forget that deliberately messy styles are currently trendy.
  3. Braids. A rare casual updo comes these days without a braid. Whether it’s a chunky crown braid or a tight thin braid on one side to complement a bun, braids are very welcome in modern updos.
  4. Multi-component styles. Sometimes we do not want to keep it plain. The fanciest hairstyle designs come from multi-component hairstyles, combining, for example, twists and curls, a braid and a bun, a braid and a knot, etc. You may also create your own style, drawing inspiration from the above ideas.
Short Straight Bob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs
  • Having medium hair doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a beautiful updo.
  • Shorter hairstyle cuts seem to be the trend at the moment, combined with a blonde shade look quite chic.
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