Going Vegan ?

While whole-food vegan diets are generally higher in certain nutrients, poorly planned vegan diets may lead to deficiencies of several key nutrients.

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Poorly planned vegan diets may not provide sufficient amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamin B12, niacin, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin D, calcium, iodine, selenium, or zinc…….Several studies have reported that vegan diets tend to provide more fiber, antioxidants, and beneficial plant compounds. They also appear to be richer in potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A, C, and E.

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In one 2009 study, 43% of participants following a vegan diet were able to reduce their dosage of blood sugar-lowering medication, compared with only 26% of participants who followed an ADA-recommended diet.

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Research also suggests that people with diabetes who substitute Plant protein for meat may reduce their risk of poor kidney function.

An increasing number of people are turning to plant-based diets in hopes of shedding excess weight..a small study comparing the weight loss effects of five different diets concluded that vegetarian and vegan diets, were just as well-accepted as semi-vegetarian and standard Western diets.

Vegan diets naturally tend to reduce your calorie intake. This makes them effective at promoting weight loss without the need to actively focus on cutting calories.

Vegans generally eat considerably more legumes, fruits, and vegetables than non-vegans. This may explain why a review of 96 studies found that vegans may benefit from a 15% lower risk of developing or dying from cancer…vegan diets generally contain more soy products, which may offer some protection against breast cancer.

Research show’s that avoiding certain animal products may also help reduce the risk of prostate, breast, and colon cancers.

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Vegans also avoid dairy products, which some studies suggest may slightly increase the risk of Prostrate cancer.

However, until researchers know more, it seems wise to focus on increasing the amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes you eat each day while limiting your consumption of processed, smoked, and overcooked meats.


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