Makeup for everyday use.

If you want more of a natural look, why not go for a tinted moisturizer…I started using tinted moisturizer as I got older, as it looks more natural for everyday use, apply a little concealer under the eyes to match the tinted moisturizer, a little blush and lipstick to match and a touch of mascara and eyebrow pencil……voila…

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Many people choose to wear makeup every day, either to cover up blemishes or simply enhance their natural beauty. If you want an evening look, then you might want to wear more of a deeper foundation.

applying makeup for that natural look

Knowing which products to use and in what order seems complicated and time-consuming, but is actually very simple and easy to master…Breaking down your routine into smaller steps will help.

Men and makeup
makeup to cover blemishes

Experts suggests that guys will most likely pick up a concealer to cover up a blemish or try foundation to even out skin tone rather than use an eyeshadow palette…Most men are not using makeup to radically transform how they look but to transform how they feel……A Mintel survey found that 42% of UK men agreed that doing anything beyond making sure you’re clean is unnecessary.

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Almost half of UK men used facial skincare products as part of their daily routine, and 59% agreed that appearance is very important, according to a 2016 survey by consultancy group Mintel.….The growth of men’s beauty and fashion products has been outpacing those of women’s since 2010, says market research company Euromonitor, suggesting that men are increasingly becoming interested in shaping their own appearance.

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Women’s makeup…
Which products should I use ? why not try the following:-
choose the shade that compliments your skin tone.

The tinted moisturizer I use during the day is the product “Dove”) I find it nice and smooth, it just glides on the skin..there are some others I have used such as BB and Nivea, just choose the shade that matches with your skin tone.

Foundation is an essential part of simple makeup. To apply foundation, start by adding “punctuation marks of the foundation” all over the face. Here are the marks to make: make a dot on the forehead, a narrow line along the nose, and commas around the corner of the nose and a period on the chin, then just blend with a sponge or makeup brushes.

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  • Foundation- Choose one shade darker than the color you wish to achieve on the face.
  • Eyeliner- either liquid or the felt tip liner pen.
  • Contouring colors- One shade lighter than your foundation for the highlights and one shade darker for the contour.
  • Lip pencil- any color that you want your lips to be.
  • Lip gloss
always use a sunscreen or moisturizer to protect your skin
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Always start out with a completely clean face. The very first part of your routine is to clean your face. Use a washcloth, ( I personally use a skin cleanser with cotton pads) soap, and warm (but not hot) water to gently wash your face. If you shower in the morning and already scrubbed your face, you can of course skip this step. It’s even more important to make sure your face is clean at the end of the day. Always be sure to remove your makeup before going to bed.
Apply sunscreen and moisturizer to hydrate the skin.. If you plan on spending time in the sun, always use a sunscreen to protect your skin from those sun-rays….

Before you apply your makeup, use a primer to your face. Primer helps makeup go on easier and last longer.

No matter what your skin type is, regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing is essential to keep the skin clear. This will help set the stage for makeup so that your skin is ready and primed for the colors. Use a good cleanser twice a day made especially for your skin type. This will keep acne away
keep skin hydrated with a moisturizer
applying sunscreen

Use a sunscreen during the day and a moisturizing cream or lotion at night, to keep skin hydrated.

exfoliate weekly




Also try and exfoliate weekly to get rid of those dead skin cells….Exfoliation removes dead skin cells to regenerate younger looking skin.

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